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Monday Rush

Mind your mind.

The human mind is such a wonderful thing. One second your thoughts are moving in one direction and in a matter of sub-seconds, it morphs into another thing and on and on and on like that. To think research has shown that we only utilize a negligible portion of its total potential. Wow. Snap. How did I get here again? Yes, so you see, right now, I’m seated with a few of my colleagues in a training room and our facilitator is a young stud. Late twenties, light skinned, mary janes, high-waisted skirt, mild makeup – uber hottie. She’s been going on and on about how we can help my unit optimize its potentials by blah blah blah. Then I guess my mind did what it does best. I looked round the room, saw a few of my colleagues struggling with sleep, some of them were miles away in deep thoughts while some were actually taking notes and paying absolute attention. Then my eyes went back to little Miss Stud. I looked at her closely, her face, her lips, her eyes and snap. It flashed.

The picture was black and white, in a poorly lit room, the camera panned swiftly across her face as she let out a soft moan. I watched her as she moved closer towards me and this time the picture showed her biting her lower lip. Sweat trickling slowly down her face. I shifted on my seat as she walked past me. I turned to look at her and I saw her turn her face and move her behind even closer to the figure kneeling behind her. This time, I had to shake my head. The person who was now walking back towards the front of the room and the person in my thoughts seemed like two different people; yet it was the same person. I wondered then, what kind of lover (excuse the word) she was, what kind of people she attracts…

The lecture ended a few minutes later and as I left the room, I smiled at her thinking to myself “if only you knew…” I used to think it was just me; I and my crazy mind. I often imagine people (especially the seemingly righteous ones) in compromising positions – after all, we all “do” it, don’t we? I once shared this with a friend and her reaction was surprising. The way she waved it aside as if it was a normal thing was kind of funny. So I’ve decided to throw it out here. Do you, or don’t you? And if you do, how often?


About thetoolsman

I mostly refer to myself as an unrepentant media addict .. Well, cause I'm mostly always hunting for information through one media channel or the other... Hit me up on twitter @thetoolsman


2 thoughts on “Mind your mind.

  1. Interesting writeup. Maybe Im wrong but I also think alot of people do this. I know I do.

    Posted by Femi. A | September 6, 2010, 12:30 pm
  2. Yeah its just you! Fish!!

    Posted by yemisi | September 6, 2010, 2:02 pm

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