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10 signs you’re in a bad relationship

Here’s a reply to something I found online a while back:

It usually doesn’t start this way. It probably began with the same passion, enthusiastic spontaneity, unbridled optimism, and unprompted Sunday nookie synonymous with most happy couples. You liked each other, a lot, and still actually do on Wednesdays, but somewhere along the line your joyful coupling turned into a joyless abyss of unrelentingly sh*tty sh*ttyness.
Thing is, like most people, you probably didn’t realize exactly how terrible your relationship was until you got out of it. Sure, everyone else could see it, but you were too blinded by your investment and occasional ‘rebellious persona’ to actually notice.
To make sure this lack of recognition of your nasty circumstances never happens to any of you again, here’s 10 signs that you’re in a sh*tty relationship

1. You want them dead.
Ok, you might not actually want to kill them or even want them to die, but lets just say that if a completely random, completely painless, and undoubtedly fatal accident were to befall your mate, it probably wouldn’t upset you that much
***pausing to allow everyone reading this who’s ever been in a bad relationship to nod their head in shameful understanding***

2. They don’t make you happy
Its probably not a good thing if the only time you can remember your man making you laugh is when you saw him trip and fall on his face.

3. You think everyone you encounter is attractive in someway…except your significant other
Seriously, I think this is how they pick the contestants for “the flavor of love”. They just target women in relationships so bad that they’d find any jerk more sexually attractive then their current bf’s.

4. Its based on a lie
While white lies here or there about their awful cooking, your extensive p*rn collection, or the looks of their enthusiastically unattractive siblings are sometimes needed to keep the relationship peaceful, there’s no surer sign that you’re in a bad relationship than if lies are needed to keep it going.
Usually, these type of lies fall in one of two categories:

a) Willful deception (i.e: willingly (and selfishly) being the other woman or man)
b) Willful self-deception (i.e: having to convince yourself that things will get better, even though you know that the wait for that improbability would be longer than the surface area of Rihana’s forehead)

5. You’ve stopped having spontaneous sex

6. Nobody ever invites you anywhere as a group
Which actually doesn’t matter because even if you were invited, you wouldn’t attend because…

7. You don’t want to spend time around genuinely happy people
…and have their mere presence reminds you of the truck load of unhappiness that is your life.

8. You always have more fun if they’re not included
Lets just say that you qualify if your first mental response to “I invited your girl, too“, “your girl is on the way“, or (from your girl) “I want to spend some time with you this weekend” is always “Oh no!”

9. You’ve had to pull repeated “Usher’s”
(ending good relationships with other people to make it work)

10. You’re always the last person to find anything out about each other
From your promotion at work to the results of your STD screen, a hallmark of a terrible relationship is everyone else always learning important stuff about your significant other before you do. Seriously, I have a friend who broke up with his aggressively unintelligent chic in August and still hasn’t told her yet (they’re also still having sex. his explanation: “you expect me to deprive myself of some regular booty just because she doesn’t check her emails?”)

Anything missing? Speak your mind…

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2 thoughts on “10 signs you’re in a bad relationship

  1. LOL.. ur friend is mean oh… but in the first place, he didn’t know his GF was not intelligent or what? or he was just drawn to her sexually and she didn’t get it. Anyways I am sure you cant even answer that. Goodluck to them!

    I kinda agree with some of the signs.. I agree with 2, 5, 6 and 8. As for the rest, its kind bleh to me… I recently got out of a relationship and evaluated after.. I wasn’t happy and spent most of my time trying to make the other person happy…. and yep, it went on for a long time.. U know sometimes, we as humans are just afraid to be truthful to ourselves….

    I wont exactly say it was a bad relationship as i don’t believe any relationship is bad.. except it involved some sort of physical abuse…

    Nice post tho…

    Posted by Tee | September 27, 2010, 11:25 am
  2. Hmmm….When you say you dont believe any relationship is bad, well, I think I understand what you’re trying to say. I think every failed relationship should be a step towards your perfect/ideal relationship. Meaning you should take away something from all your failed relationships and apply the lesson in the new ones. I think points 4 and 10 are also pretty strong.

    Posted by thetoolsman | September 27, 2010, 12:26 pm

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