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Brand that package.

Hey people. Let me start by saying this is yet another not-so-wet Friday post. *Dodges rotten tomatoes*. Whew. Ok, now that that’s out of the way, for the rest of us here, I’d like to say I’m very psyched about todays post because it features a writer I really respect. Today’s post is an excerpt from one of her books currently available for Amazon titled A Love Rekindled. Yes, she’s the uber-cool Myne Whitman. Enjoy.


Kevwe felt like a teenager as Efe stepped out of the car giggling. He killed the engine and followed her. He didn’t know what to expect, but he still checked his wallet to be sure there were some condoms. The atmosphere hinted at something serious. He wasn’t sure she was ready for sex yet, with all it entailed but some protection wouldn’t hurt if they did decide to go all the way.

Inside her room, they flowed into each other’s arms. Efe moaned and her head dropped on Kevwe’s shoulder as he slipped his arms under her fitted blouse and rubbed her back. When his hands moved to the other side, the sensations running over her body became exquisite. He pressed open-mouthed kisses on her forehead and her ears. Aching to touch him too, she wrapped her hands around him. Kevwe pushed her down on the bed, one of his hands gliding over her thighs.

More sweet and drugging kisses followed as they explored each other’s bodies with hands and lips. When Kevwe put his full weight on her, his arousal pressing urgently into her thigh, she noticed her blouse was completely unbuttoned, her skirt riding around her hips, and felt the last of her resistance slipping away. Eyes closed, she brought his face to hers for a long kiss, wishing it would never end. When he pulled away, Efe remained that way, knowing he was right there.

“Can you help me put this on?” Kevwe’s voice brought her out of the lull. Efe opened her eyes and turned to him, looking away instantly in panic. A condom strained halfway down his erection and sweat beaded his shirtless torso. It was as if a bucket of ice-cold water had been dashed on her face, draining her passion. She caught hold of one of Kevwe’s hands, which tried to stroke her intimately again, and said in a low, husky voice, “Kevwe, I think we should stop now.”


Wondering what we’re getting at with this post? One word: condoms. It simply amazes me when I hear some of my very educated and very exposed female friends talk about their hatred for condoms and how off-putting it is when it comes to sex. I won’t talk about the guys because I doubt there’s one guy out there who really likes those things but nobody wants to die right? Wrong. Personal experiences and tales from friends have tempted me to ‘assume’ that no matter what they say in public, when it comes down to it, womenfolk care very little what package their sausages come in. Is this right or wrong? That’s why we are here, to the ladies out there; take a second to think about your last romp on the sack, can you confidently name the brand he used? Are you even sure he used one? As for the guys, I’d like to hear from you, do you agree with my assumption? Do you have stories to support it or not? Use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers.

PS: I’d like to congratulate those who won themselves invites to The Naked Convos #1. If you won and still haven’t gotten your invite, kindle send an email to: hello@thenakedconvos.com. See y’all on Sunday.

The Backyard.

Hey everyone. So, we’ll give the really wet posts a rest today and discuss something a little bit serious. Yes, I’m sure the title served as a good hint. I enlisted @Similicious87 to help with this one.  Enjoy.


It was one of those nights when the weather, the mood and the booze were in sync. Kolade & I have been dating for 3 months and I have been withholding the nookie for that long. I was damn near losing my mind and so was he. This night felt so promising, I was freaking ‘thirsty’ and as horny as R.Kelly at a high school graduation. Kolade looked as calm as he always is, doing tequila shots while slowly undressing me with his eyes. ‘Oh it’s on like popcorn’ I thought to myself. Tonight is definitely the night. We got to his place and began our usual make out ritual. When he noticed I wanted more, he excused himself to go use the loo. That was my cue. I changed into my birthday suit and tucked myself beneath his duvet.

I like Gabby… like I really really dig her. She is so cute and those lips are just something else. I like how they swell after we get all hot and bothered and that ass. Whoosh. I have been thinking about that all night… Heck, even ever since we met. Tonight is definitely the night. I noticed how she drank more than usual, touching and grinding up against me. I know she wants it and oh she’s gon’ get it! All of it! Imma tear that ass up!

Kolade walked in the room and I gasped; ‘hottie with a body!’ Dang! He is packing! That sheath will make a porn star blush. Thinking about getting all that inside me made me wet instantly! (It’s been 3 months guys; allow the ‘corniness’). He came under the covers and looked pleasantly surprised to find me in my birthday suit.

We start kissing, touching, the heavy breathing, soft moaning. One hand on my breasts another probing between my legs. At that point, I was delirious and I was whispering gibberish in his ear while nibbling it. Just then he bent me over and I was thinking ‘how did he guess that I like that?’

He whispered something about ass and I figured he was talking about how good my behind looks. Then a shock wave went straight to my head. Without warning Kolade rushed in through my back door. He didn’t knock, he didn’t press the doorbell; he just plunged!

Minutes that felt like hours passed and I was sure I was bleeding even as I tried pushing this intruder away but he kept charging like a crazed bull making sure the mattress muffled whatever attempt I made to yell. As much as I tried to numb myself, every time he went back in, it felt like a knife stab followed by a sick, weird and twisted feeling of unexplainable pleasure. Soon, I felt the familiar jerk and groan. He got up and looked at me with a smile on his face. ‘I bet you liked that.’

Daniel is the sixth guy I’ve been with since Kolade. First time I asked him to do me from behind, he refused but I’m a woman, I always have my way. Nowadays he says he can’t come until we play in the backyard. Maybe I should thank Kolade afterall.


Ok, before you lash out at Gabby. This isn’t exactly a true story but I heard one very similar and that’s what inspired the post. If you’re half as inquisitive as I am, I’m sure you would have read all kinds of stuff on the subject. Lets step away from the hypocrisy today, like I always say, you can always comment anonymously. So for those who know, through experience or otherwise, kindly share and for the others, please take the poll below. Cheers.

PS: I’ll be putting up the announcement I promised a bit later, please make sure you check back.

Chief Baba Chairman.

I’ve always wondered, if one could objectify the term ‘lust’ how would it look? Images of a male dog on heat with the erect phallus of a full grown horse dangling threateningly; hot air escaping his mouth as he leans conspicuously over his prospect.

I snapped back to reality, looking into the gorgeous eyes of the prospect sitting across me in the little fast food restaurant and for a second there, I became the image of that dog.

Soooo? Amaka questioned while she giggled.

Lost in my moment of lust, I had missed her question. My well erect member beneath the table trying to join in the conversation wasn’t helping. Who could blame him. 3 months of no activity. Excessive teasing from this near-goddess here with me. My eyes wondered again, making a mental jump over her cleavage. Well, more like a skip, not much in-between those well rounded harbingers of pleasure. I licked my lips and responded just in time before she lost interest.

I’m sorry, what was that?

So… do you want to try it?

This was followed by a gesture I processed immediately but being in my state of epic horniness, I initially denied it. I had always wondered about Amaka. As open as she is, a mysterious shadow hung over her sexuality. To most, she came across as a prude but not me. I saw past her sexual inquisitiveness even though we had only made out a couple of times. I knew her mind was landlord to a freak but how much of a freak?

Just count to ten and then come in.

That was the longest count to ten EVER. I occupied my mind with the lyrics of Frank Oceans Nature Feels while I waited.

I’ve been meaning to f*ck you in the garden.
Been breathing so hard, we both could use the oxygen

I didn’t make it past the second line of course. 7, 8, 9, 10. The true north below my belt led the way. Past the other customers, past the door and then finally into the slaughter house.


What followed must have been a world record for unbuckling a belt and pulling down pants. No warning. I felt like I was pushed into heaven. That divine warm sensation taking over my body as her magical lips enveloped my lingam. Even the cold wall tiles I was leaning against couldn’t douse this fire. This must be that indescribable exhilaration that only comes from taking reckless risks. I snapped out of my moment. Wow. This is really happening. Erm… I’ve read about this. There are rules. Yes. Fast. I need to move fast. Thats the thrill.

I rescued Johnny from her and looked down to see she already had her shoes off – talk about experience. I sat on what I knew would from now on be my throne and turned her around feeling every curve as she maneuvered. Is it too late for me to become an astronaut? I wondered. I put my trusty fingers to work weaving them simultaneously showcasing my own magical powers. She acknowledged my spells with muffled moans bouncing off the back of the foul writings behind the door.

‘Give it to me now – 0806229***’ . I managed to read one of the inscriptions just in time as I experienced the first drop of sweetness dripping down my hand.

‘into my backyard and lay you right on the grass’. I can take it from here, Mr. Ocean. And boy did ‘she’ take it. All of me. She made Johnny disappear again into her as she sat on my throne. I tried to imagine it as vertical backshots but who was I kidding, Ciaras Ride must have been on repeat in this cowgirls mind.

3 short minutes, muffled moans and a flush from the adjoining compartment, we arrived: ORLANDO. My hands found her ample bosom (for support) as my train made a final stop. Yes, it was a short ride but one I would never forget.

I walked out first to receive a gap-toothed smile from a security guard washing his hands. “My Chairman” he bellowed. Smiles dancing around his face. I replied with a knowing smile, went into my wallet and produced a crisp one thousand Naira note for my praise singer. With one more loud “Baba oooo..” he exited the toilet. Minutes later as Amaka and I walked out of the building, the same security guard happily guided us to my car and chipped in a shout of “Chief Chief” as I drove off.


Hey people. It’s been a while since I wrote a Wet Friday piece so I hope you liked this. S/o to my Chairmen and Chairwomen out there. I want to hear from you guys today. Where’s the weirdest place you’ve done or erm.. “heard someone do it”. Use the comment box to speak your mind. Remember you can always comment as anonymous. Cheers.

The Beast

Hey everyone. Before we get to todays post, just one more reminder about voting for us and all your other favourite blogs at the Nigerian Blog Awards. Ok, so todays post is another classic ‘wet Fridays’ piece in my opinion. I really need you guys to understand that this category isn’t only about the tease but the underlying topics in the posts and more importantly, the conversations after. Today I’d like to introduce a young closet writer who really surprised me with this piece. Here’s her twitter handle @Sabirah0. Please show her some love.
We’ve been broken up for over a year now. I like my single life. I’m busy.
Every other week though he comes.
Because I need him to need me; when he is inside me, he needs me, wants me… and I am powerful
As I open the door for him I can already feel it, tension, burning desire, greed
But as always, we pretend, I cook him dinner, we eat, watch some mindless TV.
This only lasts for about 20mins, and he goes straight for the kill
He hasn’t touched me but what he is about to do is driving me crazy.
He teases The Beast, gently stroking then retreating, and again, stroke-retreat, stroke retreat.
The Beast has woken up, yes the beast – don’t ask
And I’m beginning to oooh oooh… and then he stops
Silent prayer in my head Dear God please this time
Focus Focus.
The first thrust is always the sweetest, slow rhythm, and ooohh yess
Maybe penetration will work for the beast today? I doubt it
Second prayer, please God just a little one
He is inside me, every thrust more wanting than the last. He needs me…
He flips me over, now the pounding is aggressive, his left arm gripping my right shoulder
I can feel him, deep in my gut… I’m beginning to loose hope, it’s not going to be today
He flips me back on my back, we always finish off missionary, its heavy, loaded, selfish… at this point I’ve given up
He collapses with a shudder on top of me, Still enveloped by my warmness… see how much he needs me?
I excuse myself. Finish off in the bathroom…
Its always been easier for me to make her come … I don’t mind it really
I understand my own body… maybe I’ll teach you one day but till then…
The beast has been tamed
I don’t need him, he needs me
This short piece has many talking points. From the sexual dependence on an ex to sexual frustration… denial… Okafors law… etc. It could go off on so many tangents and today I’ve chosen to leave it to you guys. Have a go at it. What’s your take on the girl painted in the writeup? Use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers

Room 140

Hey everyone. Before I get into todays post, I’ve been asked to do a proper run down of voting details at the Nigerian Blog awards so we wont miss out on your votes so here goes. We’ve been nominated in the following categories:

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Ok, so that’s that. Now to today’s business. I’m excited about this post because it’s one of those that really capture the essence of the wet Fridays category. Contrary to what y’all might think (and I’m partly responsible for this), this category was created to drive conversations/discussions on sex and sex related topics. The tease and everything else come along with this but I think a lot more people will benefit from the discussions. This post was written by @LagosHunter. Enjoy.


After several DMs and phone calls, we meet.

Work has brought me to your city and you are here visiting in my hotel room.

That hunger that slowly built as we flirted subliminally on our timelines and openly in our DMs needs to be fulfilled today. Soft music is seeping through the speakers of my laptop and serenading us.

Knowing that we know what is about to happen…..what needs to happen makes us feel awkward.

To bring the ice, I whisper “this feels like the hashtag #ThatAwkwardMoment”

You laugh that hearty laugh of yours that makes you distinct in a crowd.

I move closer and hold you by the elbows, you look away shyly.

I can smell you – your perfume, but more importantly, your essence.

My phallus stirs as you reach out and pull me closer. We make full body contact.

Our lips meet and our tongues begin to do some olympic gymnastics

As our kiss becomes sensual, my left hand traces the outline of your body while my right hand grabs your ass I realized from your smoothness that you have no panties on.

I unzip your dress and it drops to your waist exposing your breasts wrapped in a silk bra.

I pause to take off my shirt and catch sight of your left areola peaking out of your bra and at that instant, I know I am defeated.

An overwhelming craving comes upon me and I unclasp your bra with the 3 finger technique I have come to perfect from undressing beautiful women like you. You move slightly to allow your dress and bra drop to the floor.

Here we are standing, 106 DMs and several hours of phone calls later, chest to breasts with nothing but desire on our minds.

I guide you onto the bed and I run my lips over your arm, your breasts and your navel while caressing the small of your back with my right hand.

Then slowly, my head approaches your thighs. I pause to arch your back and slide a pillow underneath. I ease myself between your knees, my tongue is eager to taste your cream. I softly caress your tip lingering for a short while and then I find my way to your depth….from which the fountain of your womanhood flows.

My tiger stirs and I pause to take off my trousers but you’re faster.

You slide my jeans off my body to make me completely naked but unashamed.

And then you begin to stroke me with the dexterity of someone who knows how to tame tigers like me.

We both struggle for dominance but quickly realise 69 is a fair number.

As you deep throat me, my tongue caters to you like a gardener tending his master garden.

And then we pause, knowing its time. We become clumsy but only for a brief second as we both struggle for dominance again. This time, you win.

My sheathed tiger enters your cage as you descend on me at your own pace and angle.

I thrust and you thrust and somehow, the speed and depth of our thrusts never gets out of sync.

We both moan as the pleasure of our dance consumes us.

Our orgasm is united as I let out a loud howl like a beast fighting its own death while you dig your fingers nails into my bare back while gasping but making no sounds.

We fall away from each other glistened with sweat feeling like strangers once again…..

Then I kiss you, letting my lips linger on yours as I look into your eyes and at that instant we both know that in this room, we have shared something tender and passionate, something far beyond constraint of 140 characters.


A lot has been written and said about sexual encounters developed as a result of the popular social media engine called twitter. It has even made a formerly thrown around casually more popular (Setting P). Alot has been said about the how’s and why’s.. but have we heard enough about the act itself and what follows? Use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers.


Hey everyone. So, I asked the gods to pause the rains here in Lagos today so I could put up this not-so-wet-Friday post. Yeah, sorry to break your hearts. Today’s post was inspired by the sprinters in our comment community who always aim for the first spot. I needed a partner to get this done so I drafted in the hoohoo queen (shoot me) herself, @novacrossqueen. Enjoy.
I lost my virginity at 15, and I used to feel like an early ashawo until I met someone who lost theirs at the age of 8, and I was like well then, look what we have here….

Damn..virginity.. let me see.. can I remember.. ooh yeah, I do.. I think I was 13 back then and all my friends just couldn’t believe I said I was going to do and I just did it. Just like that.

Anyways, I had been dating this boy for a year and the day we decided to pop OUR cherries, he wanted to get flowers and candles and basically paint the whole room CHEESE! I refused. Reality 1 – 0 Disney Channel’s b/s.

Well.. there was this chic who was pretty much all over me back then. I mean, we were mates and she was cool so I thought, what the heck, lets do it. I let her pick the day but it was my place and she came with all them candles and flower and stuff but I was like hells nah.. that wasn’t how I saw Lex Steel do it.

As he put the condom on and I was thinking, omydays I’m still gonna get pregnant anyways, it’s gonna rip, I’m gonna get AIDS, oh Lord, my mother would find out and it just won’t fly…. then I asked him to wear a second condom… 😐

So we settled in and as I put on the condom, I was thinking, hope this stuff fits cause it felt like I got the super small size or something. As if that wasn’t enough drama, she then asked me to put on a second condom… like sheesh the thing we do…

He entered me slowly and cautiously, at first I didn’t know what I was supposed to feel, that was until I realized I really wasn’t feeling anything….this shit didn’t hurt….wait is this sex? Am I still a virgin? Come, what is going on here….my thoughts were whizzing everywhere…

I got down to business – finally and I just went in hard from the first second but I hadn’t even put my foot on the pedal and she was already racing away. I really wasn’t feeling anything… So much for sex.. But I guess it was the chic?  I just wanted to get done with the whole virgin thing.

*breathe* “Are you ok, he asked”? I said I was….then he did one pump action…and then another, and I just lay there and took it…then it dawned on me….I could never make it in the porn industry, I wasn’t the sexy beast I thought I was….shit I couldn’t even feel my legs talk less of trying to move around and then everything else just rolled up into one quick moment and then we were done…I had taken his virginity and he had taken mine.

I remember asking her to breathe. Damn, she really looked like she was going to pass out. I eased in and began to ‘thrust’ and at that point, I just knew I could totally make it into the porn industry cause it felt like I had become a sexy beast but before I could try out some other moves, she interrupted and said “I think I’m …coming”. So lame.. I just had to play along and pretend I was done. And just like that I took her virginity and lost mine too.

And the world was still spinning on its axis as it had before, I still looked the same in the mirror…. I dunno if it was the extra plastic he had on or the fact that he was a virgin but I couldn’t help but think….So kini big deal?

So things pretty much changed after that. No more virgin stigma, I looked in the mirror and I was a different person. The whole double condom thing and the inexperienced chic didn’t make it all that but I made sure I took it out on the next.


There you go. Two people giving accounts of their first time. I know y’all are usually tongue-tied on Fridays giving mostly ‘single word’ comments but I hope we can really read some funny and maybe not so funny first time stories today. You know the drill, use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers.


Hey everyone. It’s another Wet Friday.. literally.. and for today’s post I had to get the help of a friend, @Otase (sorry, I just had to) to help out. What else can I say… Enjoy.


Sometimes I sit naked on a chair, facing a mirror and I spread my legs. Other times I sit naked on a chair, I spread my legs and hold a mirror in between. Admiring the masterpiece so ugly, so beautiful to men, women and to me. Sometimes it’s hairy, sometimes it’s neatly trimmed and combed and other times it’s just bald.

I stare for a few seconds and using two fingers from both hands part the lips and stare in awe at the pink wonderland that brings men & women literally to their knees as they try to lick this cheesy wonderland. I stare at the organ that once had cold metals inserted into to kill a fetus. I stare at the organ that someday may birth babies. I stare at the organ that every month spurts blood when the child doesn’t come yet. I stare at the organ so elastic it receives penises, fingers and vibrators of varying sizes but yet it manages to snap back.

Sometimes, I’m doing a self examination, other times I just look & touch and on rare occasions the touching leads to something more. On rare occasions, I touch my clit which sends a wave of pleasure so intense; for me, it’s only obvious what must happen next. On few occasions, I tease myself. I squeeze my nipples, play with my lower lips and make myself watch. Then I let a finger in, I flicker it around till I feel the warm liquid that is my cum. I let in an extra finger.

No, two fingers.

I let all three explore, thrusting them back and forth, side to side so rigorously, it sends waves of pleasure unparalleled. I force myself to watch as my mouth forms a big O in anticipation of the big O. The walls of my vagina tighten around my fingers as it prepares to release. I feel the thunderous rush of warm sticky liquid and then..


I swear it’s an explosion. I withdraw my hand which is covered in my protein goodness and watch the rest flow, then trickle out of my honey pot. I look at myself, admiring my after orgasm glow. I clean up  and then most nights after this I sleep naked and wake up in the morning dreaming of the night before. Some mornings, I reach in my night stand for my vibrator and insert it where my fingers were last night. It never takes me long to orgasm in the morning.



In these parts  ‘masturbation’ is now more or less believed to be something only common among men and I have serious issues with this. Not for the obvious reasons but, well, cause in reality, I think things are pretty much even in wankerville. I’m not particular about the why’s or the how to’s; I want to know if you agree with me or not but then again, having some more insight on the matter might erm.. help this discourse. So, please use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers.

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Rendezvous (PG)

Hey everyone. I have no preamble to today’s post. So.. rem.. enjoy? And if you still haven’t nominated, here’s the link: NOMINATE.

Hmmm….. my body tingles as the drops of water slowly run down my back…Yes..that’s the spot….ahhh….my eyes are closed, mind at ease as the sounds coming from the speakers of my blackberry blur up into a road-trip soundtrack taking me on a journey somewhere far far away…. far away from everything and everyone. Everyone? Well, maybe not. I hope I meet him there. I hope it’ll just be the two of us. Alone. The warmth of his strong hands embracing me from behind. Hmmmm…. that familiar smell of sensuality. Gosh, how I crave this moment. Can it possibly get better?

Just then he starts to kiss my ears….tiny cute little kisses…ticklish…making me blush and smile at the same time. He always does that to me. He starts to kiss my neck and at that point I know what he wants and though he’ll get it, I want to play too. I get out of his embrace and turn around towards him and…………. My bar of soap slips, falls and brings me back to reality…*sigh*… so soon….
I step out of the shower, tried reaching for my towel and realized it wasn’t there. I always forget to take my towel with me into the bathroom but then again, I love walking naked to my room after a shower. I spy on my own body as I walk past the full-size mirror in the lobby. Damn…all this good good wasting away…. work has been so damned hectic lately. I haven’t even had time to speak with him talk more of seeing him. Images of us mid-passion flashed through my mind as I bent over to pick my moisturizer. It was then I heard it. It started out faint and then it got louder. The voice of Marques Houston crooning “see you naked”…. where was it coming from? I began to walk towards the music…towards my sitting room…..naked…. I had placed one foot out the door when I realized I was still naked. I turned to go back to at least get a towel but a voice stopped me. Crisp and assertive like I had always known it to be, I could feel the blood spreading through my body out of excitement. I wanted to turn back to face him but I felt his touch. I felt his warmth. I felt his body. Nude. Pressed up against mine. From behind. In an embrace.

I wanted to speak. I wanted to tell him how mad I was at him for not breaking into my apartment days earlier. I wanted to tell him how I hated him for making me want him so much. I wanted to…… Damn! The softness of those lips – spot on. I felt them. Yes, I felt them soft and moist pressed up against my ears with every kiss replaying moments I had merely imagined a few minutes ago. One after the other, the kisses sent messages across my body, which had now dried up by the way. Guess thats why they call it ‘heat of passion’. He turned me around and the kisses went from my ears to my neck and as he traced down my spine I knew it was going to a wonderful night.

When he got to my dimples, he paused and kissed both butt cheeks. One, then the other. This was when I felt the first drop slide down my legs. He knew I loved taking control. He knew I wanted to turn around and jump him. He also knew we were just a few steps away from my 50k orthopedic bed. In what seemed like a second, he managed to flip me over and lift me onto the bed. Wow. Talk about my very own superman? Before you could say justice league, my legs were apart and his tongue traced up all the goodness that tried to escape from my honey pot. My nipples stood so high they got in my way whenever I tried looking down at him. His tongue worked my inner thighs till they got to my sex spot and for a moment I thought I was going to die.

His second first kiss felt so good I’m sure my yoni smiled at him. He worked his magic stroking, licking, sucking and sometimes biting even as his fingers found my betraying nipples; joined forces with his tongue and together, they completely destroyed what was left of my sense of logic. I was lost in that far far away land with him and all I wanted was HIM. He had punished me long enough. I tried to let him know and as if he could read my mind, his lingam found my yoni and I couldn’t hold back the smile that grew on my face.

He had my legs in the air slowly moving along with the rhythm of my body. Gosh, I wanted this to last forever. He picked up the pace and I let go completely allowing my mouth utter profanities even I didn’t know I knew. He flipped me around, made good use of my ample bosom, half and then full. He turned me sideways, and kept going till he returned me to the missionary and went on like he was a nail gun gone rogue. Body dripping in sweat and other liquids, throat tingling from all the yelling, I was almost gone…but I had to be strong for him. I had to hold him as he approached the finish line….I held him close as he wriggled in my arms and finally collapsed  – spent.  He laid in bed protected by my loving arms as I closed my eyes drifting into dream world just in time before the bloody soap dropped again..

The human mind is a little bit too powerful in my opinion. Living a few minutes in some peoples imaginations/fantasies can be fatal. Today is all about the fantasies. Feel free to post comments as ‘anonymous’ or using a different name but please use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers.

Mood Music

Hey people. Another Friday and with the weather in Lagos right now, a wet friday post seemed inevitable. Anyways, this was impromptu, I decided to make this post a little interactive. As I was coming to work this morning I couldn’t help thinking about those lucky bastards people camping under their duvet with that special person making proper use of the weather.

Oh well, life isn’t fair, we always knew that. Some of y’all might know about my everlasting affair with music so instead of whining, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on what a ‘Mood Music’ playlist should/could sound like. Now, as much as I know we all have our different tastes in music (I’ve heard chics say they want to do it while listening to Nirvana or even LMFAO), what I’m about to share with you is a list I’ve drawn up from a ‘mild’ survey I’ve taken from friends over time. What I’d like to do with this post is broaden this survey by hearing from you guys.

When all the talking and fronting is done, when the lights are off, when you’re inches from the bed, the sofa, the floor or even our beloved kitchen counter. If you could snap your fingers and have your deck come on, what would you like to hear. Use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers.

PS: Here’s a list to help you. I’ve arranged it in a way I think will make it work better especially if you set your audio players crossfade to just about 15 seconds.  I also have this list available for download here. Enjoy.

1.  Trey Songz – Ready to make love
2.  Sisqo – 2Nite (Interlude)
3.  112 – Sweet Love
4.  Tyrese – Signs of love making
5.  R.Kelly – Bump N’ Grind
6.  Miguel – Vixen
7.  Keith Sweat – Nobody
8.  R.Kelly – Naked
9.  Usher – Can you handle it
10. Trey Songz – Jupiter Love
11. Maxwell – Bad Habits
12. Sisqo – So Sexual
13. Marques Houston – Sex with you
14. Usher – Nice and Slow
15. LL Cool J – Doin’ it well
16. Raheem DeVaughn – She Single
17. R.Kelly ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke & The Dream – Pregnant
18. The Dream – Fallsetto
19. Chris Brown – Sex
20. Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy

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Organ(ic) Gallery

Hello everyone. No, this isn’t “Thetoolsman”. My name is Deji. I like to think of myself as Tulas evil conscience. Anyways, he’s away working and couldn’t put up his post today so he did the best thing that has happened to me this year (probably the worst for him).. he gave me go ahead to fill in for him. So, here I am on his blog and I get to post anything I want. I didn’t think too much. Seeing as it’s Friday and it’s about to rain here, I decided to share something I sent to him way back and he refused to put up.

Being a traveller and an art enthusiast. I’ve been around the world and today I’d like to share my rare collection of what I call ‘organ(ic)’ art. Enjoy.

When/if I decide to get married, I’m so getting mugs that look like this.. his and hers too.

Isn’t this just the coolest fountain ever; like ever ever. I just want to throw a coin in it and make a wish for tonight.

For the ladies, imagine having your own pet ‘dog’. Yup, you get the idea.

Talk about backing the monkey or whatever you like to call it. Me likey.

This structure actually exists. Not a real car, a sculpture. Bloody showoff.

This, well, I like to call it THOR. Yes, THOR. Go figure.

Finally, the stone henge will be waaaaay cooler if they looked like this don’t you guys think?

Anyways, ‘Thetoolsman’ (this is so weird) asked me to give a disclaimer saying he had nothing to do with this post and blah blah blah but I’m too lazy to come up with anything. So here’s my wet friday post. What do you guys think of my gallery?

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