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Writing for Betty.

So, today’s different. Everyone’s a writer today. We’re writing 3-lined poems. Either a haiku or just a free verse. But three lines. No more. No less.

Thereโ€™s only one rule. Your lines could be long-ish or short but a line shouldn’t complete itself on the next line. They could be #Deep (rolling eyes) or flighty.

It could be about your lover, your bicycle or taking a dump. As you please… I would like you to be creative.

Try not to be like Uncle Toolsman whose poem read-

‘Roses are red,
Violets are purple.
Blue may be calm but that aint you.’

Here are some I made 11 friends write- take a cue. And if you like them, do show some love.

Alright people, get writing.

Oh mine?


Black, Green, Purple, Blue;
The tips of her fingers.
Her colors of rebellion.

(And- Yes, I can write 2, I’m Betty!)

Give me your chest.
Scarred from war.
For my headrest.

(Yes. Yes. It might be crap, let me see yours before you judge. ๐Ÿ˜ )

1. Tolu Talabi (@NaijaRookie)
Another rainy morning, my clothes are drenched;
My hair is a mess and my hands are cold
Like my heart.

2. Osi (@osizurunkle)
Undo that voodoo that you do so well
The one that makes you the thing on which my thoughts must dwell
Secrets I’d like to keep my eyes always tell.

3. Bankole (@banxman)
Discovering seven new colours
In your beautiful eyes
As I send you to the sky

(And because he sent me many beautiful ones, another-)

A wild cat with nine lives
That’s died eight times
Is what I am

4. Moyo (@MazeDaMouth)
This was what the old knew
What makes the young groan
Hardwork is the key, not luck

5. Ayorinde (@awizii)
Emptiness fills my heart, depression claims my soul
Worry and so much negativity is hard to control
You overpower me so much I’m hard to console, what are you?

6. Osemhen (@OsemhenA)
You say you know me, but you donโ€™t
I know a secret, that you donโ€™t
See, Iโ€™m going to marry you.

7. Andre (@AndreBlaze)
I slave a verse for you
Make bars about us
Appeal through music to you; my sentence.

8. Samantha (@SamanthaSiren)
Trained myself not to love;
Love exists when its found-
But not everyone’s love-bound.

9. Omotayo (@JadenTM)
The sun will still be there
Tomorrow will not care
Let go your breath my dear

10. Oyekole (@Qurr)
Party hard on Saturday Night
Pray hard on Sunday Morning Weekend Warriors

11. Nnaemeka (@MauriceNN)
The sounds of silence
are the babbling of a brook
and an avalanche.

PS: Ok. Ok, Iโ€™ll be nice and add one of the other ones Thetoolsman sent me:

Your eyes found me guilty of the heinous crime of staring at you
Your eyes found me guilty of the unavoidable crime of noticing your beauty.
Your eyes sentenced me harshly to the lifelong duty of forever loving you. I dare not appeal.

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