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My Name is A-Zed: Episode 2 Teaser

Ahn Ahn. You no dey look where you dey go

Ha. Please I’m sorry, please don’t be annoyed.

Caught up in my thoughts, I hadn’t looked in front of me and I had barged into one of the girls who stood displaying her wares for prospective customers. She was one of the artificially light skinned ones.  Medium height, plus sized, heavily made-up, especially with the red lipstick and very loosely dressed. As I tried to apologize, a similarly dressed but much more fatter girl came out of nowhere laughing.

The fat one: Why you just dey shout like that na

Red lips: Why I no go shout, she as he just hit me carry body touch all my goody goody (she said, as she adjusted her very transparent bra)

The fat one: But no be so dem dey do (she moved closer towards me). You know wether na first time customer (standing infront of me). Fine boy, you wan fuck? You want us to show you a good time? (she said with the most ridiculous forced American accent I’d ever heard)

What becomes of A-Zed in this new world he has found himself, find out 10:00am 12/11/10 on an all new My Name is A-Zed!


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