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C*ckblocking re-defined.

Hey people, hope we all had a great weekend. Yeah, I also wish it was longer and despite all the fun I had eating a “hugemongous” vodka injected watermelon and playing concentration with seven gorgeous women, I still wish I had more – greedy much.

Anyways today I want to talk to the ladies – yes (sue me)… Ok, ok, you guys can chip in too. But I’m just more interested in female opinions as it directly affects them. Cockblocking. Yes, it’s defined by the urban dictionary as: one guy ruining another guy’s chance to score some booty. How apt (you gotta love the urban dic)…


Your gurl invites you to a thing some guy from her office is throwing, she gives you no clue as regards happenings between her and the dude. You just play along with the hope that he’ll probably have cute friends and you could get lucky. You get there and the host begins to put the moves on you, brother is laughing at everything you say even when it isn’t funny. He’s done well for himself, nice apartment and he doesn’t look bad too – you’re definitely feeling him. You catch the eye of your gurl who invited you and she doesn’t seem to be having a good time. Infact, just as the alcohol starts to flow and you begin to loosen up, she calls you aside and says its time to leave. Leave? The party was just getting started but she gives you little or no choice as she ushers you to the door and before brother man can get your PIN, you’re out. She’s your gurl and you love her, she must have some good reason for doing that right? HELL NO.

To make matters worse, weeks after you and the dude hookup (thank God for twitter and social networks), you find out he tried to get your details from your “gurl” but she mentioned to the dude that you were “sorta” in a relationship.

Someone once said Cockblocking should be redefined as: when a brother/sister can’t accept defeat. Do we agree? Speak your mind.


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