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What a girl NEEDS.

*Plays Christina’s what a girl wants..

Nah.. scratch that. Today we skip past the want, which I once spoke about here. Today, we focus on the NEEDS. Before we get to the part where you give your answer, I asked one of my very very open minded and opinionated female friends to comment on the topic. Her name is Deji (pen name) and here’s what she had to say:

What a girl reeeally needs?

1) The male bestie – she’s not sleeping with him but he has her best interests at heart and would advice her from a guys perspective.

2) The lover (said with French accent) – this dude is strictly for sex. Call him. Book an appointment. Have sex…peace out….till next time.

3) The rich dude (maga) – this is the dude who doesn’t mind buying you stuff…raising u when you’re broke…etc (note that I said: dude is rich and doesn’t mind spending)

Before I could chip in a response, she continued and said: in reality:

Most girls have #1

Some have #2

Few have #1, 2 & 3

Very very few have all 3 dudes in 1

Now hold your horses; at this point I was also like O_o… thinking is this what it has really come to? But then I reminded myself of the topic: what a girl NEEDS and I guess to some extent, I saw reason with what she said. However, this doesn’t change the fact that these needs were brought about by what our society/generation has become.

When I think about it, I believe quite a lot of girls can do without #2 for a long time (a lot; not all). Like Deji later admitted, “it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of #1’s and many #3’s especially :)” That’s just how women are wired I guess. As much as I want to, I will not go into why we’ve ended up at these three needs, instead, I’d like to focus on the many many questions we can answer by confirming Deji’s position but to do that we’ll have to certify it first.

So, I’ll throw it open to you guys.. share your opinions on what a girl NEEDS (not wants).. and yes, this discussion isn’t only open to the ladies we welcome all comments. Use the comment box and speak your mind and remember to click the subscribe button for post updates. Cheers.


Ode to the big girl

Let me preface this by saying I’m not a “chubby chaser” or anything of the sort, but the other day I saw a woman that some might consider a “big girl” that caught my eye. She wasn’t big in the sense of obese, but big in terms of height and just the overall “solidness” of her frame. She was older, pretty in the face, had her hair done and a well put together outfit. She was proof positive that just because someone is a “big girl,” it doesn’t mean that she can’t have it going on. It got me to thinking, are there any plus-size sisters that do it for me?

Although I’m a slim guy of average height and not trying to be towered over by my woman, there are a few plus-sized sisters that have caught my eye. I’m a brother that can appreciate some meat on a woman’s bones as long as it’s healthy and she maintains some sort of keen fashion sense—that goes for any woman regardless of size—you’re okay in my book. In terms of attraction, mental compatibility is always the most important thing, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say physical attraction didn’t play a major role as well. As long as a woman is shapely and confident enough to turn me on when she’s naked with socks on we should be good to go. The lady lumps just gotta be ladylike and not just lumps (Sorry).

There are plenty of women that don’t fit the stereotypical mold that are quite attractive. I see them every day in my travels and more and more of them are starting to get into the spotlight. It’s like the powers that be are finally rethinking that outdated model from the World War II era that has long been the benchmark for what the “average” size for a woman is. It’s long overdue, because when you have a chart that says the average woman is a size 8 when most real women today are a more like a size 12, it’s was only a matter of time before the staunch world of fashion and entertainment caught on.

In honor of this new era of the big girl, I decided to compile my own personal list of sisters that some might consider “plus-size” but I feel have it going on. Fellas, chime in if you feel these ladies do it for you, too. Who said big can’t be beautiful? (Sorry, Mo’Nique didn’t make my list:).


JILL SCOTT: Ms. Scott is just a beautiful woman with a glowing personality and aura. Anyone that can’t see that is just plain blind.




TOCCARA JONES: Personality for days—among other things—but this former ANTM contestant’s biggest draw is her confidence.




JENNIFER HUDSON: J-Hud is a definite looker. While she might be a little too hood for Hollywood at times, she’s all good in my book.




QUEEN LATIFAH: Wont do this post justice without her.




JORDIN SPARKS: Jordin is a definite cutie with a warm smile, she seems comfortable in her own skin and can sing to boot… How I’m supposed to breathe with no air, no air…




MIA AMBER DAVIS: You might remember Mia from her role of Rhonda in Road Trip (see main pic above), but she definitely holds it down for the big girls as an accomplished plus-size model.



Remixed but Jacked from NWSO

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