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Who’s your alter?

Hey people. Good weekend? Yes? No? Ok, maybe we should just skip that. Interesting week ahead though – last episode of A-Zed (yeah, kinda sad) but hey, it’s been one hell of a ride. More on that later.
Today, I want to talk about something most of us probably do. Some consciously, others, well, unconsciously. If I were to ask most of us if we had an alter ego, a lot of you would probably respond and say no. Ok, a little test then, put forward your phones – blackberries preferably (sorry if you use any other product) and lets go through your chats. Chances are, we’ll probably have some chats that look like these:

Chat 1
He: So, what service did you attend yesterday?
She: Second service.
He: Pastor was so on point with that message, I felt like he was talking to me
She: I felt the same way. God has really blessed that man…

Chat 2
He: One look at your dp and all I think about is Friday…
She: *coversface*
He: lol.. I can’t wait to eat you up again
She: oh, stop it, I’m at work now..
He: Hmm…. you’re wearing a skirt aren’t you? How short is it?
She: Oh, behave…

Chat 3
He: Was just thinking about you…
She: I miss you so much.
He: Got plans tonight?
She: 🙂 No, any ideas?
He: Well, do you still have that whip you got for Halloween?
She: *evil grin* Do you still have your cuffs?

Three chats – same person? Well, yes, it’s his phone but all those chats going on simultaneously and he claims he doesn’t have an alter?  A lot of arguments can come up here but I will save those for the comments. Maybe having “alters” isn’t exactly the right way to couch this but what I’m particular about is the fact that most people are in fact guilty of this. So lets hear your thoughts, first, are you guilty?  And then, do you think it’s something you do unconsciously or otherwise. Speak your mind.


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