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It’s not you, it’s the nose.

Hey people, hope we all had a great weekend – I did. It’s the start of another week and I’m quite excited about this week cause I’ll be putting up the first of the last 3 episodes of My Name is A-Zed and I just cant wait. Also, I’m working on some new content that’ll fill the gap the A-Zed series will leave behind, so for those who have been asking, I’ve got you covered.

For today though, I got into some interesting convos over the weekend and I wanted to put up a lil experiment here. A while back, I put up a post on The Marcus School and from talking to some friends, I realized this school I spoke about is still very much active and more surprisingly, it’s not just for guys. In simple english, what I’m saying is, when have you broken up with someone or chucked them out of your prospects list for the silliest reason. By silly, I mean, so ridiculous, you had to lie to your own friends/family about it.
Her feet are too big.
His nose is bent.
She talks funny.
He’s too hairy.
She eats too much.
He sleeps too much.
She doesn’t like football.
He likes football too much.

I could go on really but thats the point of this post. Don’t be shy, use a nickname if you have to, but please share with the rest of us, some of the silliest reasons why you’ve chucked a guy or gurl. Let’s have fun.


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