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Hi everyone. I really don’t know how to introduce this piece so I’ll just let you read. Enjoy.

She clutched his arm, refusing to let go. “What? Tunde, but I love you!”

He pried her fingers off, while taking a step back. “Sade, I know you love me. I…I think a little too much. You’re just so intense.”

He took another step back when he saw the wild look in her eyes. She looked almost… mad.

She hugged herself, not bothering to stop the tears. “No.” She shook her head from side to side. “No. Tunde, I gave it all up for you. I gave you my body, Tunde, you own my soul. I let go of my friends…”

“I didn’t ask you to!” Tunde snapped. He’d become worried when during the second month of their relationship, he had met her cousin:

“Sade already has a new boyfriend?” the cousin had blurted out. “But Jide died barely two months ago! And Jide was everything to Sade.”

Sade had never mentioned any ‘Jide’; never mentioned any death to Tunde. She was always going on about how much she loved him, needed him; not even bothered or fazed that Tunde never said it back.

He took long strides to the door. He looked back to see she hadn’t moved an inch. She looked to be in shock, eyes glazed,  repeating the “No!” over and over.

“Sade, this is best. Especially for you. I think you need to be alone for a little while.” He shut the door behind him with resolve, cutting all ties to the woman behind it.

Sade turned around sharply. She paced while looking around frantically. She let out an eerie scream, reminiscent of a tortured animal’s, as she threw the nearest vase to the ground.

No! What was wrong with her? Her dad had left her mum because of her; Jide had left her; now Tunde! No! She couldn’t let him leave her. Tunde was perfect for her.

She fell to the ground, rolling herself into a ball as shudders coursed through her frame.

She just had to remind him of how much he loved her. She wouldn’t live; couldn’t live without him. She’d just remind him.

She got up, ran to the kitchen to get the sharpest knife. She laid her equipment on the center table and sat still as she watched the clock.

Her busy-banker mother always got home between 9:00 and 10:00p.m; like clockwork. She’d do it at 9:50. Her mother would call Tunde and he’d remember. He’d remember he loved her.

9:48. 9:49. 9:50. She carefully raised the knife to her left wrist. “I’ll just remind you.” She repeated under her breath; almost like a chant. She cut her lower lip from biting so hard so she wouldn’t cry out.

The knife clattered loudly to the ground when she was done. She pulled her bleeding hands to her chest, closing her eyes tight so she wouldn’t see her crimson life flow out of her.

She’d just remember her love for him while she waited.

“I love you, Tunde. I love you…”

But Mrs. Ajayi, in an unusual bid to please her daughter, took a detour to the Supermarket to get those rare sausages and the French chocolates that she always saw Sade eating.

It wasn’t her fault that the Supermarket’s computers were down and everything had to be done manually.
It also wasn’t her fault that Sade didn’t get to taste the chocolates.


I know, I know, classic Betty right? Some of you might argue that these things don’t happen in our society but I hope the comments here today will not only change that perception but also help proffer solutions. Please use the comment box and speak your mind. Ciao ciao…

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