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If tomorrow never (really) comes

Hey people. As much as I tried to ignore the HUGE elephant we have staring at all of us, I just couldn’t. So, it is said that tomorrow will be the End Of Days. The end of the world as we all know it. I sat and was thinking to myself that if the predictions turn out right and things actually end tomorrow, what is the ONE thing I’ll say I truly regret not being able to experience during my lifetime.

It took only a short while to realize the answer. So, I allowed my mind travel five years into the future where I wrote this.

I was born the day you came into my life, before then, nothing really mattered
Every time I close my eyes, every time I blink, I see you
The sun only shines out of envy for you,
the moon glows to compete with your luminesce

I lay next to you nurturing heaven itself by my side
I’ll wake middle of every night to check on you
my sole reason of existence, my tomorrow
Sleep holds little for me because you are my dreams

My quest for perfection stops every time I look in your eyes
You make me feel small, vulnerable and I should resent you for that
but humility washes over me when I remember he sent you for that
Your existence proves God exists, you are my re-occuring miracle.

There are times I cannot understand you
A Thousand meanings accompany your every chuckle, giggle and rant
but each one means more than a thousand smiles to me
If I were to be honest, people would also find me hard to understand
Because everything I say to you would include the words “I” and “Love you”
Just another proof we are one and the same

I have been honorably reduced; feeling like a soldier ant
My sole responsibility is to ward evil away from you
Unlike the ant & his queen, I am big and you are my little one
This world is too cruel, something so beautiful should never feel pain

We will fight. Mostly about nothing
Mostly because I sometimes think about losing you
Or maybe because you’ve held my heart prisoner since the day we met
I feel the need to keep you around me so people don’t see the void within me
Careful connection. Our connection makes me care fully

So forgive me when I exacerbate you,
As the same blood runs through our veins
You are a part of every single smile on my face, each tear I shed
You are my endless miracle. Every second since the day we met…
Know that you are the reason each chamber of my heart fires still
You are the reason I dream dreams
You are the reason I wake everyday
You are the reason for tomorrow

So, there’s my answer. A lil something for my unborn child.  It’s time for yours. Use the comment box to tell us about that ONE thing you’d regret not experiencing if the world does come to an end tomorrow. Speak your mind. Cheers.

PS: I’ll be re-posting the revised trailer/first episode of “Our best friend’s wedding” tomorrow. I’ve formatted it to allow the subsequent posts shorter.


Bittersweet Poetry

Hey people. It’s funny how a lot of y’all misunderstood my intentions for the trailer I put up on Monday but the people have spoken so I’ll start running that soon. Today, I’ve decided to do something a little bit different from the usual Wednesday Dialogue. I’ve had some thoughts swirling round my head for the past couple of days and I finally put them down. Let me just let y’all get into it….

I pushed open the door to the room.
They pulled open the huge arch doors of the church.
Two pairs of eyes looked back at me
Heads turned and several eyes looked at me
They were startled – shocked.
They were all smiles – excited.
The air was thick with fear and dirt
The atmosphere was silent and still
This had been my lifelong fear, my worst nightmare
This had been my lifelong dream, my day of joy
Fear became anger
Joy became fear
I was rooted
I was rooted
Jeered on by emotion, I wanted to pounce
Nudged by the guiding hands of my father- I needed to move
I remained rooted
I remained rooted
I pounced
I moved
Not into the room
Not towards the altar
My feet found strength as I dashed out of the house
My legs felt as wings as I descended the church stairs
One word in my head
One thing on my mind
Past the nursery we painted together
Past the flower beds he thinks we chose together
Past the kitchen we had sex the night before
Past the limousine and the chauffeur he wanted
Maaaaarrryyyy!!!!! he yelled after me.
Maaaaarrryyyy!!!!! they called out.
The car came on. I needed to move faster.
The heels came off. I needed to run faster.
Drive. Past the church we got married
Run. Away from the church he had chosen for us to get married
Tears began to sting
Tears began to drop
Cigarette. One long drag. He hates me smoking.
My dress. I ripped off the tail. He hates simple designs.
FREEDOM! Another long drag as I stepped on the accelerator.
FREEDOM! Everything blurred out as I ran faster.
Where to go? I have no destination.
What am I doing? There’s only one destination.
Take the turn out of Mulholland Drive
Take the turn into Mulholland Drive
Anger. The cigarette slipped and fell on my lap
Joy. Thoughts of his waiting embrace filled my head

And then our eyes met.

So, there you have it. usally I would explain this but I’ll let you guys take a swing at it first before I share my comments. However, the focal point I’d like us to discuss are ‘bittersweet’ experiences so please use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers.

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