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Hi everyone. Today’s post is……. maybe I should just let you help me out with the adjectives on this one. Enjoy.

I am superman.

“Tinkolo tinkoko!”

I will save the world.

“Tinkololo tinkoko!”

Nobody else can. The job is mine.
They have become robots.

“Left! Right! Left!”

I laugh long and hard. They look at me strangely. Why don’t they laugh? I will save them. So they can laugh.

The music comes on. Maybe they’ll dance.

“Kimon! Let’s go! Wa gba!”

I break into dance. Left foot askew, right foot at an angle. Body undulating in jerky movements.

But they don’t dance. They just walk so rigidly. Can’t they hear the song? Why won’t they dance?

This is serious! I must save them so they can dance.

I need a plan. I sit.

A plan. A plan.

Superman needs a plan. When? How?

Superman is hungry. Food. Food.

Superman should eat before he plans. Before he saves.

Aha! There’s food! Superman is happy.

“Tinkolo tinkoko!”

I dance to my food. Warm bread. Ahhh…

“Ha! Weee-ree! Wee-re! Ole! Mad man ohhh! Come back here! Oooo-le!”

Why is she shouting? She needs to be saved. She’s gone mad. I have to run. So I can eat in peace. So I can be strong. So I can save her.

“Tinkolo tinkoko!”


There you have it. Can you relate? Maybe yes, maybe no? It’s always interesting imagining how things really are on the other side. Please use the comment box to share your thoughts experiences and so on. Ciao.

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