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Before I get to today’s post which actually shows a part of me some of you might not know. I’d just like to let you guys in on a lil’ something. Well, I and a blogger friend of mine are working on something I’m really really excited about. Watch this space for more information.

Today’s post is a little poem I wrote a while back. Actually, almost ten years ago (I don’t know how I keep these things). Is it still relevant? What do you think, let me know.



I’ve always thought of the one as that person:
Handsome, beautiful, focused, different and hopefully successful
Some people think they’ll know upon a first encounter
What happens if you find out days or even months after
Love never turns out to be what/who we expect
It just pops up and leaves such a great effect
Is it possible to package/pre-design love?
That’s a mystery yet to be solved
For some, their love is driven by money or fame
But love certainly isn’t a game
You never see it coming
True love never gives you warning
Just like that, you’re swept off your feet
You know, all that stuff about can’t sleep, can’t eat
I bet it goes further than that
Unfortunately I can’t present you with all the facts
I guess we all have to wait our turn to really find out
But upon finding the right one, I’m sure you’ll have no doubts


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